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Winter & Spring
Clay Classes for Children

Updated: 1/6/16

CLAY FOR KIDSKids at the wheel

Hands-on creative learning and fun!

In each Clay for Kids session, each child has the opportunity to:

Sculpt animals and objects and creatures of his own invention
 Roll out and decorate tiles and trivets and slab-formed bowls and vases
Learn to throw small cereal bowls, plates, pet dishes, and cups on the potter's wheel

We emphasize creativity and give the kids lots of latitude on what they choose to make.  We also have lots of ideas for any child who wants his imagination sparked!

We loosely recommend ages 5 and up, but younger children may do well if an adult stays and works with them.

Register your child (or children) for just one session or for as many as you like, picking dates ala carte that work for you, even mixing Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Tuesdays  3:45 - 5:15pm: 

Jan 19    Feb 2    Feb 16    Mar 1    Mar 15
Mar 29    Apr 12    Apr 26    May 10    May 24

Thursdays  3:45 - 5:15pm:

Jan 21    Feb 4    Feb 18    Mar 3    Mar 17
Mar 31    Apr 14    Apr 28    May 12    May 26

Saturdays  10:30 - Noon:

Jan 23    Feb 6    Feb 20    Mar 5    Mar 19
Apr 2    Apr 16    Apr 30    May 14    May 28

Register for individual sessions:
$22 per child, per session

or pay in advance for a package:
$80 ($20 per session) for any mix of 4 Tue, Thu, Sat, and/or No School Day Clay
$133 ($19 per session) for any mix of 7 Tue, Thu, Sat, and/or No School Day Clay
$180 ($18 per session) for any mix of 10 Tue, Thu, Sat, and/or No School Day Clay

(Packages may be split among children within a family and carry over season to season.)

We accept cash, checks, debit cards, and major credit cards.

Please call ahead or email to register.
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Fun with clay on those lazy No School days.  These classes are just like regular Clay for Kids;  see the description above.

Prices same as above.

Friday, Feb 5, 10:30 - noon

Friday, Apr 15, 10:30 - noon 

Please call ahead or email to register.
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We also offer
Scheduled at your convenience
Wheel-throwing, handbuilding, tile-making

Adults & Children 14 & Over:
1 student: $40/hr
2 students: $30/hr ea.
3 or more students: $26/hr ea.  

Children 13 & Under:
1 student: $34/hr
2 students: $26/hr ea.
3 or more students: $22/hr ea.
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